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Thursday, 29 September 2011

When The Sun Comes Out...

You might be shocked or laughing at me but hey! it happens sometimes. Yes, we have sunny days over here. Like nowadays, to be honest, it was so hot today, I couldn't work at my office, I had to get out of that place.
Anyway, since we don't have sunny days that often, we try to make most of it when we have it.
So do we actually do ?
Basically, nothing!!!

We do nothing but lay down on dry grass (if we can find any) in a park. Some of us lay down and read and some just look at clouds and try to make shapes out of them. How lazy we are !!! :)
I tell you something that made me shocked when I was newer in the UK. When it is sunny, you can see people laying down on grass and sun bathing! That was shocking, well, it has to be shocking for a person who comes from Turkey. :))

You may think that we don't eat ice cream much or during winter. NO! I think, we (people who have been living long enough in the UK) actually consume more ice cream than people in Turkey because people in Turkey don't eat ice cream when it is cold. Yet, in this country, you can see people having ice cream any time any where. :))
Well, it may not surprise you but it did surprise me. :))

If you come to Oxford as a tourist, you should probably go to University Park or Christ Church Meadow since they are in the city centre. Christ Church is better than OU Park, I think, cause you can go for punting there by a pub called Head of the River that is a nice place to have a pint, by the way.
There is another place that you can get a boat for punting. It is under the Magdalen Bridge by the Magdalen College.
There is a deer park in Magdalen College. It is not spectacular but it is different and nice to see those animals running around. :)

If you are going to live in Oxford, then there are other parks that you can go but they are a bit far from the town. For example South Park down the Brookes University and there is an exhibition place close by called Oxford Science that is worth visiting.

Cherwell Boat House is in north and again a bit far from the town. You probably need to take a bus to the Banbury Road then walk down to the river. Apparently, their fish is good too, I have never tried but heard good comments.

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